What is Cloud Computing?

by admin June 23, 2016 at 2:01 pm

Businesses across the globe especially small startups are usually faced with the different problems with the primary one being the availability of funds to acquire the needed equipment and facilities for the smooth running of the business. With the continuous technological development and how IT has changed the way business is done throughout the world, it is an understatement to claim that computer and the internet are important for the success of a business.

The evolution of technology and works of experts in this field have led to the discovery of a faster, cheaper, and more secured way of storing and sharing information – cloud computing. Companies used to have their in-house IT infrastructure built by themselves to solve their IT business problems and this required spending lots of money to acquire the equipment and servers. This is in addition to the effort and time spent in getting these facilities to work and serve the company as required. But cloud computing came to change the way things are done not only in the business world, but also with individuals across the globe.

So what is cloud computing? In technical terms, cloud computing is the provision allowing users to log into a web based service hosting the programs needed to complete a job. In other words, cloud computing can be said to be an online arsenal of the tools needed to complete a task. The service provider would run virtually everything including sending emails to process word documents and even more complex programs.

The word “cloud” comes from the networking of computers handling the different tasks assigned to them. There is always a cloud computing service provider that is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and managing the data inputs and others tasks done by the clients.

Cloud computing is a very easy and cost-friendly option with just three requirements needed to get going. These requirements include a computer system, the internet, and a web browser. Virtually every business has these three, making cloud computing affordable and easy for every business regardless of the size.

How does Cloud Computing Work?

It is interesting and somewhat important to know how the concept of cloud computing works in order to appreciate it. There are basically two categories of structural design involved in cloud computing – front end and back end. While the front end control lies in the hands of the client or end user, the back end is the responsibility of the service provides as it involves the network of servers with computer programs and storage systems running and maintained by the service provider.

The cloud works on a centralized server administration system that ensure there is a balance between the supply and demands of the clients, with adjustments made as and when due. The server also helps in monitoring traffic and avoiding congestion to ensure clients are able to work smoothly.

There are rules or protocols guiding the way the server works and they are referred to as middleware. As the name goes, middleware is an intermediary between different networked computers that allows for effective communication between the computers. With the modes of operations and benefits of cloud computing, some quarters have decided to rename it as green computing especially as it helps to conserve power energy.

The benefits of cloud computing cannot be overemphasized and one of such benefits is cost-effectiveness. The cost of hardware, software licenses and other such costs related with having an effective IT and data storage setups are significantly reduced, allowing for businesses to cut down on the cost of operating the business.

The safety of data especially as it concerns data recovery in case of a breakdown of system is also an advantage of cloud computing compared with the traditional computing system. Businesses can be rest assured of having their information stored in the cloud and even when the remote system breaks down or need repairs, the cloud can come to the rescue to ensure operations are not disturbed.

There is also the flexibility that allows staff and clients to work from any location as long as there is a computer system that is connected to the internet available.

The different benefits of cloud computing are immense and this explains why businesses across the globe are embracing the idea. With the increasing number of cloud computing service providers, consumers and businesses are set to get even more benefits from the concept as the increasing competition will not only help to drive the cost down, but also require that service providers add value to their services in order to lure customers to their brand.

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