Recommissioning the Cisco UCS Blade / Rack Mount server (Integrated with UCSM)

by admin November 7, 2016 at 10:57 am

From this article, we will show how to re-commission the server, which was decommissioned for any hardware replacement.

  1. Login into Cisco UCS Manager
  2. In the Navigation pane, click the Equipment tab.
  3. Click the Decommissioned tab in the right side pane.
  4. In the recommission column, check the check box for the server you want to recommission
  5. Click Save Changes



If the re-acknowledge task has not started automatically then you need to re-acknowledge it manually from the server.

In the Navigation pane, click the Equipment tab.

On the Equipment tab, expand Equipment > Chassis -> Server (Server recommissioned from earlier steps)

Click the general tab In the right side pane then click Re-acknowledged slot


Dialog box will appears for a confirmation, Click Yes to confirm for re-acknoledge.


In right pane, Click FSM tab to monitor the progress. It may take several minutes to complete. Once this process doneĀ  then you can see server configuration details in the General tab.




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