Cloud Computing Security

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Over the past couple of decades, information technology has become the forerunner for human progress. The proliferation of the internet throughout the world brings with it progress in all forms, social and economic. This mushroom growth of internet usage around the world has led to many life changing transformations that may very well have altered our future. Today, more than 3 billion people around the world use the internet for communication, work, education, shopping, and entertainment. To put that into perspective that’s just under half the population of the planet, gathered together on a single platform, taking part in similar activities. Together, information technology, and the internet have achieved what was thought of as impossible; and they have become the global leader in innovation. One of the latest technological innovations in the field of information technology is cloud computing. Cloud computing is essentially computing over the internet, a new era of providing services and applications to users without all the hassle.

What Makes Cloud Computing So Attractive:
Cloud computing has already become a must have for businesses and all kinds of other organizations. Today, a large number of functions are completed online in a short amount of time thanks to cloud based computing services. Here are some of the reasons that make cloud computing so attractive:

  1. It is Cost Effective:
    The biggest advantage of cloud computing is undoubtedly the low cost. Through cloud computing, a single application or software can be run on multiple machines by multiple users. This means that one general use license can be utilized by hundreds of people in the same day without delaying any projects or deadlines.
    Furthermore, cloud computing services also do not need a physical server at the back end for every single operation or application. This means that multiple operations can be completed on the same server, many thousands of times over, using cloud technology. This in turn reduces the requirements for expensive hardware installation and maintenance.
  2. It is Quick to Set Up and Use:
    Another major benefit of cloud computing is that it helps save a lot of time. Through cloud computing, any updates or improvements to a software’s functionality are implemented almost immediately. By connecting to a user’s device through the internet, these updates are carried across to end users whenever they open up their next sessions. This means no waiting for upgrades and no tinkering with software and hardware settings to get everything working right.
  3. It Helps Accelerate Growth:
    As businesses around the world gear towards newer technologies and strategies for growth, cloud computing is emerging as the one stop solution for all information technology related needs. Studies show implementing a cloud based services platform at a company can help increase market size and revenue by as much as 20 percent. At a time where businesses are competing for every single order, this type of promising growth makes cloud computing a must have in order to remain competitive in the future.
  4. Improved Management:
    Cloud computing relies on internet connectivity to provide updates to users across a network that may be limited to a room within an office or hundreds of offices throughout the nation. These updates make real time tracking and progress monitoring possible, providing crucial performance figures and other relevant statistics. This data in turn helps decision makers act according to the market and make the right choices for managing products and services in a better manner.

Cloud Computing Security:
With cloud computing becoming a clearly essential choice for the future, it is important to take into consideration all sides of the equation. Since cloud computing services are a recent addition in the sphere of information technology, there is a lot that still needs to be learnt. One of the main items of concern is cloud computing security.

The biggest concerns in this regard include data privacy and protecting access to privileged information. Because cloud computing depends on the internet to connect multiple devices, a single unauthorized entry can jeopardize data on hundreds of machines. Furthermore, because multiple organizations share resources with other companies for cloud computing based platforms, this risk presents a new and highly vulnerable threat.

Steps to Ensure Cloud Computing Security:
In order to combat cloud computing security threats, any applications and platforms must comply with international standards to protect individual user data and other sensitive information. Furthermore, there is also a need to establish universal security terms for cloud services that ensure a minimum acceptable standard for all subscribers and users who rely on cloud based computing for their everyday needs.

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