Cisco UCS Emulator Overview

by admin September 10, 2016 at 3:09 pm

Why would you want to utilize Cisco USC emulator? You might be administrator planning to utilize the platform in a setting where you can break things and worry no more about affecting production? Perhaps you are assessing the Cisco UCS platform and like to get a feel on a daily operation. No matter what the case is, Cisco USC Emulator is a good tool. Cisco UCS Emulator allows individual who do not have Unified Computing System to play with it. For more information about this handy tool, you have come to the right place. This article will show you how to utilize Cisco UCS Emulator.

You may be planning whether to buy Cisco USC system but want to try it first to know its value or maybe you already have a UCS, however you don’t want to try some things out with the Unified Computing System Manager that you do not like to jumble with in production. Is this is the case; the Cisco UCS Emulator may be the solution for your problem. Even if does not do the whole thing, a physical implementation of UCS will do. Cisco UCS Emulator is a remarkable device for getting used to it, or even creating on top of it.

How to Download and Setup Cisco UCS Emulator

  1. The first thing to do is to acquire an ID from Cisco. You can get this ID through visiting site and log in for a free identification. Afterward, click and downstream the OVA file. Ova file is a virtual appliance which will be positioned on some type of hypervisor or VMware Workstation or VMware Fusion.

  2. If the virtual appliance is downloaded, open the VMware Workstation, double click the Ova file in your browser, and it will instantly reveal the Import Virtual Machine wizard. State the name for the latest virtual machine and then press or click Import. Once the importing process is done, this will be shown on your list of VMS. Once you highlight it to reveal the console, it must show you the IP addresses, which you can utilize to access Unified Computing System Manager. Open the console to make some configuration on network.

  3. Log in to the Unified Computing System Manager through a browser. Open a browser that that supports Java and go straight to the IP address revealed at the top portion of the console or one you stated in the network configuration. Key in the default username as well as the password.

  4. On the left potion you will notice some choices. Usually you will go to Unified Computing System Manager and then press the “Launch UCSM Button”, on the other hand you are capable of changing USCM Emulator setting from here. Like for example, you can alter your management IP once you click Cisco UCS Emulator Settings. Once you press Hardware Inventory and Start-Up Inventory, you will see that there’s one chassis installation by default. But, you are capable of changing the hardware in that chassis or add more when needed. All you need is to press the button “Add New Chassis and then select from the items shown. The best thing about this is that you can import current physical arrangement that you may have in your setting, which make testing easier as well as less tedious.

  5. Talking about UCS Manager. Click the button “UCS Manager” located on the left panel of the screen and then choose UCS Home. Press the launch button to open UCSM. You might some type of Java notification as well as a log in window. Log in with password admin and user admin, after a few seconds, you’ll see the Unified Computing System Manager

  6. Next, press the Equipment button if it is not yet selected. And then drill down to Chassis | Chassis 1 | Servers and draw attention to Server 1. Once you stare on the right part and choose the General tab, here you can notice some alerts under Fault Summary. This will also draw attention to where this server is actually in your chassis through showing you an image. You can view status details, make a service profile, or restart it, as well as other many other things.

Cisco Unified Computing System Emulator is without a doubt a remarkable tool as well as concept, it will be good if all vendors or sellers followed suit. Do you know of some equipment or tools like the Cisco UCS Emulator available out there? If there is it is essential to check this product first in order to determine if it is really valuable or not.

The Cisco Unified Computing System Emulator offers the capability to arrange or put together virtual hardware that is the accessed through Unified Computing System Manager that is the UCS platform management tool.

Downlaod : Cisco UCS Platform Emulator (3.0(2cPE1))

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