Best Apps for Android

by admin July 28, 2016 at 10:07 am

For iPhone and Blackberry based mobile devices, an Android operating system is its toughest competitor. Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Asus are some of the phone manufacturers that uses the Google owned mobile platform. In the US market alone, the Android has 25% shares in mid-2010. And over the years, it has increased tremendously that in May of 2010 there are estimated 400,000 new Android smartphones that are being activated each day.

In order to support the growing demand for Android smartphones, Google as well as other mobile software manufacturers has developed a collection of free and paid android applications. For you to install the app, you can immediately download it through your mobile phone and as soon as the app has been completely downloaded the will automatically install in your phone. If you want to minimize your data charges, you can download the app or application on your computer and install the app later on to your smartphone using the help of another app which is the Astro download manager. Listed below are some of the best android applications that you can download and install on your smartphone which I find very helpful.

One of the best app for android phone that I find useful is the Google Docs. This app lets you store and manage your documents easily. The Google Doc also allows you to synch your phones and documents that you have on your Google account. This means that you can freely access as well as edit your document right on your smartphone.

Next is the PDF Reader. Same with the Google Doc, this application also provides easy access for my work documents and other important files that needs to have a security. If you are one of the many people who ensure safety in your documents, then this is the best application for you.

Astro File Manager helps you in installing applications with less hassle on your smartphones. This file manager does not only help in installing applications but also it functions as a task manager as well as file customizer. It can also extract and create both Rar and Zip files and then easily attach them on your emails. Now, if you do not want to lose precious date file on your mobile phone, this application can serve as a backup file creator that will backup all your data and applications on your phone directly on to the memory card. And lastly this app lets you check your Android operating system performance.

Dashlane is an application that helps you remember your password. It is unavoidable that once in our life we forget the password that we use and it can be a very frustrating especially if we need to send or call important people. It can also be a huge drawback in our work and change the entire password that we have used in different applications. With the help of Dashlane, it simply lets you copy and paste your password.

Although there are speculations on how safe these applications when it comes to security. The dashane application uses an encrypted code that regularly monitors your activity to make sure that you do not have to worry about other people having access to your personal information.

Another great thing about this application is that it also helps secure all your date that is being used in online forms such as credit card information. You also get to save financial details that you have used in your online shopping portal and lets you save the receipt on all of your purchases for you to keep track of your spending.

Are you searching for a new job? Before when we look for a job it involves a lot of hours by simply checking every classified ads, posting sites and newspaper. Today with the help of technology, job hunting has never been easier with the help of Indeed.

Indeed is an Android mobile application that lets you search jobs even when you are on the go. You can simply search for new employment no matter where you are in the world. You can even narrow specific geographical regions, type of employment, salary expectations and even if you are looking for a full time or part time employment.

With Indeed app, it lets you keep track of your search history so you may be able to check out results that you haven’t viewed yet. You can also upload your resume for an easier application for the job that you are interested in. Employers also can simply view applicants resume if you are fit for the job.

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