Apple Watch Series 2 review: This is a lifestyle choice

by admin October 20, 2016 at 9:34 am

I have been diabetic for a few years now and since the first Pebble I have been using wearables to keep a track on my calorie burn and activity. I have tried all types of wearables from the basic step trackers to the complex Android Wear. Over the past year the Apple Watch has been way up there when it comes to smartwatches. The Apple Watch, despite emerging as the second largest watch brand in the world in value, has not really been perfect. With the Apple Watch Series 2, there seems to be a serious effort to get nearer to perfection.


Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch 2 is not different on the design front, though Apple has roped in some new variants like the ceramic version. It is still a stylish, good looking watch that you would want to wear without the whole world staring at your wrist. Also, the basic Apple Watch bands are the most comfortable to wear over a long period of time, especially if you are the type that likes to keep the wearable on during sleep.

Price: Rs 32,900 onwards

What is good?

I have used the first Apple Watch on and off during the past year. It’s a great device for keeping track of your activities and being ahead of your notifications. However, I needed only a third of the watch’s functionality. But with the actionable complications and app dock in watchOS 3, I ended up using the apps more. Now I tap on the activity icons on the watch face to see my steps or heart rate, avoiding multiple swipes and taps like before. Also, I can easily switch to my favourite app, and not go the app screen which I still find very complicated.

I was stuck in a deluge while on a recent trip to Kochi. With any other wearable I would have quickly taken the band off and slipped it into my pocket. But the Apple Watch 2 is waterproof and intelligently so. It has speaker holes which can take in water, but there is also a neat functionality that uses a certain frequency of sound to dispel any moisture that might have come inside the device. And being soaked does not affect the performance one bit.

Apple has launched a new set of watch faces which are very stylish. But they also utilise the abilities of a smartwatch better. There are screens now that show you a lot of information, each actionable on a single tap. The new processor is faster than before and you can feel it. The slight wait that was customary for apps to open on the first version is now gone for good. Apps load instantly and switching between them is a breeze too.

The Watch 2 comes with GPS. So it can track your route even if you don’t have the phone with you. However, to save battery this feature is not on all the time, only when you have selected an outdoor run or walk. And when the phone is nearby, it will use the GPS on the phone as default.

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